First Home Buyer Stamp duty

First Home Buyer Stamp duty exemption/concession

After 1 July 2012, first home buyers will only be eligible for stamp duty exemption/concession if they purchase new homes/off the plans or vacant land where a new property is to be built. Under the previous scheme, stamp duty exemptions/concessions are eligible across all purchases, whether existing or off the plan.

Effective from 1 July 2012, under the NSW First Home – New Home Scheme, First Home buyers will be eligible for:

  1. Full stamp duty exemption if the purchase price:
  2. for new homes is < $550,000; or
  3. for vacant land is < $350,000; stamp duty concession if the purchase price: for new homes is > $550,000 and < $650,000; or for vacant land is > $350,000 and < $450,000.

New home purchases exceeding the above caps will be liable for full stamp duty.

To be eligible for the scheme, eligible purchases (including their spouse/de-factor partner) must
• have not at any time owned (solely or jointly) residential properties in Australia;
• have not previously received an exemption/concession under the scheme;
• at least 1 eligible purchaser must be an Australian Citizen/Permanent resident; and
• the residency rule applies.

For more information, please see

To apply for the exemption/concession, you will need to sign an application in the presence of a qualified witness, eg. a Solicitor.
If you are a first home buyer purchasing off the plan/new homes, give our office a call, we will ensure that your stamp duty exemption/concessions are thoroughly considered and we will take care of your exemption/concession application.

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