Family Law

At Zhang Partners, our caring and friendly lawyers can assist our clients with the following:

  • Divorce matter
  • Separation Certificate
  • Children matters
  • Matrimonial Property Disputes and Resolutions
  • Pre/Post nuptial Agreements and other financial agreements
  • Same-sex relationship

Pre-nuptial Agreement

If you are contemplating marriage or enter into a defector relationship with a partner and wish to avoid future matrimonial disputes in case of a relationship break down, call us today and discuss your concerns.
We offer bulk bill for pre-nuptial agreements and various other financial agreements.


Separation Certificates assist when it comes to filing for Divorce especially when you and your partner have been living under the “same roof” after separation.

Divorce Matter

Do you intend to file for Divorce along and there are children in the marriage? You will be required to appear in Court. Give us a call today.
Note that you will not be able to apply for Divorce unless you and your partner have separated for over 12 months.

Your partner has disappeared and you are unable to locate him/her? Can you still apply for a Divorce? give us a call today.

Property Settlement

Whether you are still in a relationship or have separated and have assets issues that you wish to resolve with your partner, you do not need to wait until after divorce.

Property settlement issues can be addressed and resolved at any time. Give our office a call on 02 8860 6440

Children Matter

Things can get complicated with Children involved. In some cases, the Court may assign a separate legal representative to represent the interests of the children.

What to do in disputes involving Children? Call us to today and discuss your concerns.

Disclaimer: Contents provided on this webpage are general information only and are not intended to be legal advice. Legal advice will only be provided upon consultation with our office.

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